Digitized Historic Maps of Chicago by Cris Sakamoto

Renewing Inequality — tracks family displacement during urban renewal

Vacant New York — a project to map vacant storefronts

The Bastides Collection — compiled by John Reps

Population mountains — cool visualization of city population

Every building in the Netherlands, by age — all 10 million of them

Aerial images of rich vs. poor

Every building in the U.S.

Mexico City’s multicolored markets

Map of Inclusionary Housing in the U.S.

What does 80,000 people look like?

Density of traditional urbanism

Nationwide parcel data

City Design Glossary

Strong Towns on the damage of parking minimums

60 Years of Urban Change

New York City plans and what became of them

Gentrification and displacement in the Bay Area

Chicago building activity by neighborhood

The storefront index maps street-facing businesses

Explore the Urban Layers of Manhattan

Built : LA – Building Ages in Los Angeles

Mapping Decline: St. Louis and the American City

60 Years of Urban Change

Walkable Urbanism

Simulation of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893

Visualizing Density

You Are Here

Alex MacLean’s aerial photographs

Mid-Rise Mixed Use

Transect Collection: photographs of natural & built environments

ESRI’s Urban Observatory

The Codes Project (depository of urban codes)

Los Angeles, Then and Now

What Makes Paris Look Like Paris?

EPA’s Smart Location Database

The Built Environment, Traffic Safety and Travel Choice

Transect illustrations and plans

David Rumsey Map Collection

Neighborhoods Exhibition, University of Chicago