Mapping Displacement Pressure in Chicago

Open Reblock is a project that analyzes the spatial structure of informal city blocks and uses an algorithm to suggest reblocking solutions

Learn how to create maps for Open Street Map

The Mobility Space Report showing how cars hog space

Better Town Toolkit

What is FAR? neighborhood building game

Square-Mile Street Network Visualization by Geoff Boeing

Zoning Check a tool that checks what zoning allows

Sustainability Rating Tools a global registry created by Criterion Planners

Paul Waddell’s UrbanSim does super fast 3D spatial data visualization

MIT’s Energy Proforma connects urban form and energy use

Transect Code Manual (step-by-step guide to transect-based coding)

Urban Likeability Project by Kheir Al-Kodmany

Make Your Own Street Interactive Web Tool

Ten Steps to Creating Complete Streets

Stroad to Boulevard and Stroad to Boulevard Interactive

The Mixopoly Workshop Method by Tom Low

Accessible Parking Wonkery

How to Write a Complete Streets Policy

QGIS Boot Camp, Billy Riggs, Planetizen Course

Bicycle-friendly Streets: Design standards, Michelle DeRobertis, Planetizen Course

Plan Review, Coding, Sketchup & Rendering, the New Urban Design Institute

Example of an urban code with good graphics and a clear explanation of the permitting process (submitted by Jennifer Hurley)

Before and After Technique for visualizing urban change, by Kheir Al-Kodmany