Urban Design, Adam Blair, DePaul University

Sustainable Urbanism, Emily Talen, Arizona State University

Urban Design Seminar, Ana Maria Whitaker, Cal State Pomona

Theories of Urban Design, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Georgia Tech

Retrofitting Suburbia, Ellen Dunham-Jones, Georgia Tech

Community Design & Construction, Mike Watkins, Georgia Tech

Cities by Design, Rahul Mehrotra, Harvard

Kinetic City: Research Seminar on Temporal Urbanism, Rahul Mehrotra, Harvard

Advanced Workshop in Participatory Urban Planning & Design, Michael Hooper, Harvard

History and Theory of Urban Interventions, Neil Brenner, Harvard

The Once and Future City, Anne Whiston Spirn, MIT

Urban Design Politics, Lawrence Vale, MIT

Urban Design & Development, Dennis Frenchman and Francisca Rojas, MIT

Case Studies in City Form, Michael Dennis and Anubhav Gupta, MIT

Theory of City Form, Julian Beinart, MIT

Introduction to Urban Design, C. Andrew Klamon, New York University

Introduction to Urban Design, Eric Galipo and Steven Stainbrook, New York University

Planning for Healthy Neighborhoods, Kristen Day, New York University Polytechnic

Cities, Sustainability and Climate Change, Joan Fitzgerald, Northeastern University

Design Analysis in Planning (concepts, theories and precedents), Richard Potestio, Portland State University

Seminar: Foundations of Urban Design, Gonzalo Echeverria, Rutgers University

Urban Design in Planning, John Davidson, San Jose State University

20th Century Urban Design, Anthony Raynsford, San Jose State University

Sustainable Urbanism: Challenges and Opportunities of Urbanization, Jesus Lara, Ohio State University

Sustainability by Design, Patrick Condon, University of British Columbia

Urban Design: City-Building and Place-Making, Elizabeth Macdonald, UC Berkeley

Urban Design Theories and Applications, Ajay Garde, UC Irvine

Urbanism, Urban Design, and the Contemporary City, Menelaos Triantafillou, University of Cincinnati

Sustainable Design – Theory and Methods, Richard Epstein, University of Colorado Denver

Urban Form Theory, Jeremy Nemeth, University of Colorado Denver

Planning & Design II, Ilir Bejleri, University of Florida

Physical Planning I: Theoretical and Practical Foundations, Kheir Al-Kodmany, University of Illinois at Chicago

Urban Design Implementation, Jim Mayo, University of Kansas

Planning & Design in the Multicultural Metropolis, Willow Lung-Amam, University of Maryland

Sustainable Urbanism & Architecture, Douglas Kelbaugh, University of Michigan

Theories of Urban Design, Larissa Larsen, University of Michigan

Urban Elements and Principles, Philip Bess, University of Notre Dame

The Traditional City: Theory and Reality, Douglas Duany, University of Notre Dame

Sustainable Urban Design and Site Planning, Jorg Rugemer, University of Utah

The Urban Form, Anne Vernez Moudon, University of Washington

Urban Design: Theory & Practice, Jim LaGro, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Environmental/Site Design:

Introduction to Physical Planning (emphasis on site interpretation), Silvano De la Llata, Cornell

Land Use/Environmental Planning & Urban Design Workshop, George Frantz, Cornell

Water and Sanitation Infrastructure in Developing Countries, Susan Murcott, MIT

Water in Planning, Policy & Design: A Multi-Scale Approach, James Westcoat, MIT

Site and Infrastructure Systems Planning, Eran Ben-Joseph, MIT

Site Planning, Ken Pirie, Portland State University

Biophilic Cities: Sustainable Strategies for West Columbus, Jesus Lara, Ohio State University

Realizing the Plan: Neighborhood, Jack Nasar, Ohio State University

GeoDesigning Landscape Linkages, Ryan Perkl, University of Arizona

Site Planning and Design, Mahyar Arefi, University of Cincinnati

Site Design & Urban Retrofit, Ferdinand Lewis, University of Florida

Environmental Design and Planning Practicum/GeoDesign 1, Peggy Carr and Paul Zwick, University of Florida

Defensible Space and CPTED in Urban Design: Planning for Crime Prevention, Richard Schneider, University of Florida

Plan-Making Workshop (focus on land use environmental plan), Tingwei Zhang, University of Illinois at Chicago

Strategic Spatial Planning (Site Planning), Kheir Al-Kodmany, University of Illinois at Chicago

Site Planning, James LaGro, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Physical Planning & Municipal Engineering, Edward Beimborn, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Urban Design Workshop (focus on application of digital tools), Emily Talen, Arizona State University

Digital Modeling for Urban Design, Chris Kroner and Phu Duong, Columbia University

Designing Cities in the Electronic Age (includes digital modeling in Form-Z and urban form analysis of Rome), Roger Trancik, Cornell

Graphic Communication, Zac Boggs, Cornell

Urban Design Skills: Observing, Interpreting, and Representing the City, Eran Ben-Joseph, MIT

Sensing Place: Photography as Inquiry, Anne Whiston Spirn, MIT

Engaging Community: Models and Methods and Models for Designers and Planners, Anne Whiston Spirn and Ceasar McDowell

Advanced Topics in Urban Design – Tools for Sustainability, Claire Weisz and Eric Galipo, New York University

Advanced Computers in Urban Design, David Vasquez, San Jose State University

Urban Morphology, Vitor Oliveira, International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF)

Methods of Physical Analysis, Juliana Silveira, University of Cincinnati

Computer Graphics in Planning, Paul Schirmer, University of Cincinnati

Principles of Planning Design Graphic Communications I, Menelaos Triantafillou, University of Cincinnati

Design Policy/Intervention (focus on evaluating impact of codes), Korkut Onaran, University of Colorado at Denver

Physical Planning II: Methods, Tingwei Zhang, University of Illinois at Chicago

Physical Planning and Urban Design Studio(focus on drawing and other skills), Larissa Larsen, University of Michigan

Design for Planners II, Keenan Smith, University of Texas at Austin


Community Planning Studio, Ramzi Farhat, Cal State Pomona

Advanced Design Studio, Jia-Ling Chao and Michael Lin, Chung-Yuan Christian University (Taiwan)

Learning Cities/Smarter Regions, American Cities and Regions Studio, Columbia University

Urban Design Seminar (includes graphics workshops), Sally Levine, Cleveland State

Urban Design Seminar (covers graphics and presentation skills), Stephanie Ryberg-Webster, Cleveland State

First Semester Core Urban Planning Studio (focusing on plan and project implementation), Kathy Spiegelman (coordinator), Harvard

Second Semester Core Urban Planning Studio (focusing on plan implementation), Ann Forsyth (coordinator), Harvard

Real Estate Development Studio: Mixed Use Projects, Dennis Frenchman, MIT

Digital City Design Workshop: Senseable Places, Carlo Ratti and Dennis Frenchman, MIT

Urban Design Seminar, Dennis Frenchman, MIT

Beijing Urban Design Studio, Dennis Frenchman, Jan Wampler, Kenneth Kruckemeyer and Paul Lukez, MIT

Community Growth and Land Use Planning, Terry Szold, MIT

Revitalizing Urban Main Streets: Hyde/Jackson Square & Roslindale Square, Boston, Karl Seidman and Susan Silberberg, MIT

Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning Lab, Mike Rose and Mike Tresidder, Portland State University

Urban Design Workshop, Donald Stastny and Edward Starkie, Portland State University

Urban Design Studio: The Easton Avenue Corridor: The Street Where Town and Gown Meet, James Constantine, Rutgers University

Graduate Urban Design Studio, James Constantine and Gonzalo Echeverria, Rutgers University

Urban Design Studio: A Vision for the Alexander Street – University Place Corridor, Princeton, NJ, James Constantine and Gonzalo Echeverria, Rutgers University

Placemaking, Jesus Lara, Ohio State University

Urban Design Studio, Renee Schrader, San Jose State University

Philippine Planning Studio Course, Leonora Angeles, University of British Columbia

Introductory Urban Design Studio, Maged Senbel, University of British Columbia

Urban Design Studio for Planners: An Introduction, Ajay Garde, UC Irvine

Special Topics in Community Development and the Built Environment, Transportation and Urban Design Studio, Katherine Aguilar Perez, UCLA

Physical Planning Studio: City of Bell, Vinit Mukhija, UCLA

Physical Planning Studio: East Hollywood, Vinit Mukhija, UCLA

The Signature of Places: The City Typologically Considered, Stefanos Polyzoides, UCLA

Urban Design Seminar, Mahyar Arefi, University of Cincinnati

Local Planning Module (includes steps for undertaking a physical analysis of an Irish town), Mark Scott, University College Dublin

Physical Planning Studio, Kheir Al-Kodmany, University of Illinois at Chicago

Community Design and Site Planning, Carl Meyer, Steve Kellenberg and Ken Long, University of Southern California

Laboratory for Responsive Urbanism: Sustainable Development Strategies for Small Communities, Christine Thomson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Urban Design and Sustainable Development: Milwaukee Inner Harbor, Brian Peterson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee